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Like many other banks today, PNC offers online banking to its customers. PNC Online Banking allows both personal and business banking customers to access key account information online quickly and easily, 24 hours a day. To access PNC’s Online Banking system, customers navigate to www.pnc.com and enter their PNC Online login information. Once into the site, customers can perform a number of key transactions and access vital banking information. Customers may view balance and transaction information, schedule payments and money transfers, and can even apply for loans and credit cards. Potential customers can also use the PNC Online Banking site to gather information that will aide them in choosing a bank. PNC provides information on all their services, fees, bank locations, and a corporate profile. Though non-customers will not have PNC Online logon capabilities, the online banking site is still a wealth of information about PNC.

PNC Online Banking offers several attractive features to both business and personal customers. One of the key services provided by PNC Online Banking is Online Bill Pay. PNC has a security guarantee to protect its customers from identity theft or bank error in improperly removing funds from the account. Per their website, “You will be reimbursed 100% for any improperly removed funds from your accounts as long as you follow the instructions provided in the Online Bill Pay Service Agreement. This includes funds removed from your accounts as a result of online theft of your account numbers or password as well as unauthorized online removal of funds from your accounts” . Although PNC has this guarantee in place, they ask customers to practice responsible online banking by keeping all PNC Online login information confidential and secure.

In addition to Online Bill Pay, there are several other features and services available with PNC Online Banking. Customers can perform basic tasks such as checking account balances, viewing current and archived bank statements, see a listing of transactions from the last 90 days, setup one-time or recurring money transfers from checking, savings, money market, or other accounts, or obtain payoff information for any outstanding loans. Customers can apply for new loans or credit cards, make loan or credit card payments, order checks, enter change of address information, request stop-payments, and find PNC Bank locations.

An exciting new facet of PNC Online Banking is PNC Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking allows customers many of the features of Online Banking without being tied to a computer. There are three options for PNC Mobile Banking: the Mobile App, Mobile Web, and Text Banking. The Mobile App allows PNC customers with Smartphones to download a free application that provides them access to account balance information, transaction history, Online Bill Pay, money transfers, and bank locations. The second option is Mobile Web. This option provides the same features as the Mobile App, but allows customers who do not have Smartphones to access these features. The last choice is Text Banking. While Text Banking provides a more limited set of mobile banking options, it does not require the customer to have internet access on a mobile device. Text Banking allows customers to text a shorthand set of characters to the number “762265,” and will return account information based on the code texted. For instance, to check account balance information, a customer texts “BAL” and PNC Text Banking sends back current balance information. Text banking also lets customers see a list of the most recent transactions, get a listing of accounts, or ask for help.


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